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Our culture is deeply affected by digital praxis: the way we perceive space, time, relationships between public and private spheres, our identity and our privacy are undergoing intense structural changes. The entirety of our lives, our worldviews and our values are being altered. Literature has also experienced this metamorphosis in terms of its boundaries, styles and structures, as well as with its cultural, social and political functions. Digital praxis has an impact on both hypermedia literary forms and print literature. The Canada Research Chair is less focused on digital literature itself, and more on literature in the digital era. This perspective involves understanding how our culture is being globally affected through the analysis of recent changes in every aspect of literature in the digital age (for example, the concepts of the author, the literary work, as well as the notions text and fiction).



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What is a literary work in a digital environment? The Canada Research Chair on Digital Textualities is interested in digital literary forms that do not fall within the definition provided by the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO). Our approach is based on the desire to make visible and accessible works that are not considered a traditional literary form.


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