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We are living in a digital world, a world that is produced by writing. We derive our identity from writing – from personal profiles, data entered into databases, lines of code. Every one of our actions is in some way based upon writing, from clicking to buying a book or planning a trip. The objects surrounding us are the results of processes of writing. The Canada Research Chair on Digital Textualities offers new interpretation and insight on the writing that has become part of our world. This website provides further information about the Chair's projects, member publications, and theoretical concepts used in research.



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« Liepp-wp46-gergaud-laouenan-wasmer.pdf », .

« Liepp-wp46-gergaud-laouenan-wasmer.pdf », [En ligne : http://spire.sciencespo.fr/hdl:/2441/5d103cq61k9ia98gs3070ptoqk/resources/liepp-wp46-gergaud-laouenan-wasmer.pdf]. Consulté le8 février 2016.

« Snapshot », .

BCRP-Alice De Forges De Parny, « Près de 30 M$ pour la recherche à l’Université de Montréal - UdeMNouvelles », [En ligne : http://www.nouvelles.umontreal.ca/recherche/financement/20160215-pres-de-30-millions-pour-la-recherche-a-luniversite-de-montreal.html]. Consulté le18 février 2016.

Le ministre Marc Garneau a annoncé un investissement de 30 M$ pour la recherche à l'Université de Montréal.


Colloque international
Les 24 et 25 mai à l’Université de Montréal
sous la direction de Bertrand Gervais, Servanne Monjour, Jean-François Thériault, Marcello Vitali-Rosati
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Rewriting the Trans-Canada Highway in the Digital Age

How can we think of space in the digital age? This project aims to explore this issue by proposing both theoretical and practical lines of reflection. The mythical space of the Trans-Canada Highway will be just as much the field of study as the field of exploration for our research.

Projet Profil

Initially conceived for strictly practical ends, users' profiles have become little by little unexpected spaces of self-expression and writing. This project aims to understand this new profiling structure, in order to analyse the theoretical and aesthetic issues.

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