Marcello Vitali-Rosati lecture: The Architecture of Being. Digital Textualities, Editorialization, and Metaontology

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17th April 2018
1.30 pm, University of Macerata
Macerata, Italy

The digital seems to definitively realize the encyclopedic project: the totality of the real is described, defined, explained. The world and the knowledge of the world seem to become more and more one thing. Knowledge becomes operational: digital information allows us to manipulate things, to move objects, to organize the architecture of the space where we live. This dynamic structuring of space is what could be called "editorialization". Its fundamental characteristic is that the scriptural forms that form part of it have an ontological value: it is not so much a question of structuring the information on the world, but rather of structuring the world itself. The concept of "meta-ontology" makes it possible to analyze the implications of this paradigm.

For further information, visite the University of Macerata website (in Italian).

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