Marcello Vitali-Rosati lecture: Creating the World: digital textualities and editorialization

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12th March 2018
University of Lille

The digital environment seems to realize once and for all the encyclopedic project: the totality of reality is described, defined, and ecplained.

The relationship between world and knwoledge is so tight that is not any longer possible to establish a difference between them. We manipulate the world through digital informations. Thus, knowledge becomes operational: we do things, move objects, organize architecture of spaces manipulating digital informations.

This space structuration dynamic is what I call "editorialization".
Its fundamental character, as well as what distinguishes it from edition and content curation, is that it does not aim especially to structurate informations about the world itself: we editorialize things, not informations on things.

Which are the consequences of this paradigm shift?

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