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Launched in 2014 by Michael E. Sinatra and Marcello Vitali-Rosati for the Montreal University Press, the series ‘Parcours numériques‘ is an attempt to offer an alternative publishing model that combines print and electronic publishing, as well as promoting open access while still maintaining a range of funding revenues to be economically sustainable. The idea was to think of new ways to have two different yet complimentary versions of the same book. The print version (also available in a homothetic version in PDF or ePub) would be a linear, short essay, with minimal or ideally no scholarly apparatus (notes, images, etc.) present. The electronic version would contain the original text with not only “standard” supplementary materials one would have expected in the print version but everything that was unique to a web-based environment, namely the opportunity to include videos, audio commentaries, links to external sites, etc.

Michael E Sinatra presenting the series :

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