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The journal Sens Public was founded in 2003 by Gérard Wormser in France and has been housed at the University of Montreal since 2012 under the direction of its editor, Marcello Vitali-Rosati.

Sens Public's mandate is the theoretical, philosophical, and political analysis of the changes in public spaces in our contemporary society. The aim of the journal is to propose in-depth scientific analyses capable of deciphering the sociological and political phenomena that characterize the globalized world. The digital dimension of contemporary culture, with the appearance of new intellectual networks and new forms of knowledge production and dissemination, is systematically questioned in our articles. To carry out its mission, Sens Public has chosen a transdisciplinary perspective, favoring hybrid approaches, while guaranteeing their scholarly rigor. The journal fills a major need by offering researchers who work at the junction of several disciplines a space of expression and diffusion that until now has been generally lacking. This transdisciplinary space is also essential to the study of emerging digital culture, which calls for multidisciplinary thinking.

Since its creation, Sens Public has emerged as a pioneer in the digital publishing world and has become a central actor in contemporary change. Today, with more than a decade of experience, it brings to the table an unconventional expertise in the field of digital publishing, which allows it to distinguish itself and offer its authors quality support to disseminate their work. In fact, thinking about the new forms of knowledge production and dissemination has become one of the most discussed themes in our publications. Today it is no longer just a question of digital publishing, but also to produce a scholarly and epistemological reflection on its stakes.

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