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We are living in a digital world, a world that is produced by writing. We derive our identity from writing – from personal profiles, data entered into databases, lines of code. Every one of our actions is in some way based upon writing, from clicking to buying a book or planning a trip. The objects surrounding us are the results of processes of writing. The Canada Research Chair on Digital Textualities offers new interpretation and insight on the writing that has become part of our world. This website provides further information about the Chair's projects, member publications, and theoretical concepts used in research.



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Marcello Vitali-Rosati lecture : Theory of editorialization. Philosophical reflection on digital technlogies' issues

20th March 2018
10.30 am
University of Rouen

Marcello Vitali-Rosati lecture: Creating the World: digital textualities and editorialization

12th March 2018
University of Lille

CRIHN Work-in-progress series 2017-2018 - Stéfan Sinclair

University of Montréal
Local C-2059
Friday, 23rd February, 1pm

Tim Fulford Lecture : Picturing the Picturesque Tour; or, Making a Digital Edition of an Early 19th-century MS

5th February
11am, room C-8111
Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, University of Montreal

A glass behind the screen

January, 11 - June, 7.
7 pm, NUMA - Paris
All sessions will be live-broadcasted

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